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CFO LadderSelf Assessment

Lets Perform a Self Assessment Health Check  for your Business. Please select whichever applicable to your business:

I believe the business can be more profitable, but it is not working out as per the plans

I have little or no access to experienced professionals to validate my business ideas

I am not satisfied with financial reporting  systems & processes for decision making

I face frequent liquidity crunch & cash flow issues to run business smoothly or stuck with frequent idle funds in the business

I believe there is an opportunity to optimize/ reduce operating costs & organisation structure

I face complex tax related issues & defaults which require  expert opinion and proper tax planning & management

I believe that working capital & other long term financing costs of the business are high

I want to build adequate Internal Financial Controls & monitoring  system

I want to hire a CFO to manage my business operations but business is not ready to absorb high costs associated with it

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